21st July 2013 - A tough week in the sun...

It's been a sweltering week weather wise with glorious sunshine every day but after a tough few weeks of activities its been taking its toll on my legs!  Absolutely loving the weather and I can't remember it being this nice for this long since... well I can't remember!!

14th July - Summer scorcher

It's been hot hot hot!

7th July 2013 - Can't stop eating!

After such a mammoth week previously, this week was always planned around recovery, although I still managed a few training session mainly because we were blessed with gorgeous weather.  The main challenge this week was keeping myself out of the kitchen, I guess it's understandable to have an app

30th June 2013 - The Big One!

Saturday the 29th of June 2013 was easily the toughest day of exercise I have ever done, no question, but first lets rewind a week to the previous Saturday...


9th June 2013 - Cycle, run, eat BBQ food!

Great weather and a great weeks training, it really felt like summer this week and it really does make a difference.  It was nice to enjoy cycling in the sunshine and I just feel so much more motivated and energised by the sun.  The week was also not only packed with training but also spent a gre