26th May

International 14 sailing, what a day, champaigne conditions...

25th May

Rest day, woo hoo, much needed break for the legs, although had quite a few urges to go do something and had to hold back.  Glorious sunny day working at home, got to attend Emily's school assembly which was really nice.

24th May

Finaly day of cycling for this training endurance block, another ride upto Winchester in glorious weather, lots of train issues and delays on the way home making it pretty late so went back to SAP, but then went for a quick run off the back of the ride, felt fairly strong considering the amount o

23rd May

Back in the saddle again for the 6th day on the trot but not feeling too bad, by far the warmest its been in the morning and I was probably a bit over dressed for it.  A nice 20 mile cycle to Winch with plenty of time to chill out in the sun when I got there.  Followed by another good cycle home,

22nd May

Legs feeling the burn today, and there was a head wind all the way to Winchester, so a hard pushed 20 miles in the morning but great training given it was the 5th day on the bike so just pleased to have made the effort and consolidated some endurance training.  The weather turned out for the cycl