21st May

After a great weekend, it was a gentle ride to SAP in the morning but the weather was so nice by home time it would have been rude to not cycle home from Winch, so a 30 Mile day in the end.  Really pleased with how I felt considering the weekend, there was a slight tail wind and it was finally ar

20th May

Day 2 of the London Revolution, felt really good in the morning and still feeling the benefits of having a post cycle massage the previous day, in fact the legs actually felt better than the previous morning.  Today bought 85 miles of some pretty hilly but gorgeous scenery around the south of Lon

19th May

The start of the london revolution, the organisation was pretty slick and with in minutes we were registered bags dropped off and waiting to start, 101 miles of great cycling and a relatively flat easy ride around the north of london (route's on the official website).  Took it pretty easy all day

18th May

The start of the 'London Revolution' weekend, very exciting and weather looks good, drove upto Epsom around lunch time and then cycled 26 (interesting) miles taking in river walk ways, dark tunnels, strange bridges and a ferry trip all carrying a fully loaded massive rucksack.  A speedy check-in

17th May

Rest day and I drove to work!! Actually a really quick journey and nice to not be cycling, but also really looking forward to getting back on the bike tomorrow and making my way up for the London Revolution, fingers crossed we have nice weather.