Kit update: Sugoi Turbo Trisuit

I bought this a few weeks ago mainly because it was very cheap on SportPersuit and have been wearing it the last couple of weeks for cycling and also quite a few runs.  I haven't got any major complaints but I'm also not raving about it, it's just kind of okay!  It works fine and certainly comfor

Weekly update: 5th - 11th March

A pretty big start to the week, starting to feel better from illness and a relaxing holiday, also had to put in a massive effort to get me to the top of the work fitbug challenge!  The weekend was slow with Birthday parties, Emily is now 5!!  Didn't do much swimming but having just spent a week a

Visa Beijing to Basingstoke Challenge

The challenge started last wednesday whilst on was on holiday, luckily I had my fitbug with me so I was able to start counting steps!  However all the time in the swimming pool meant that I wasn't counting many, so as it came to the close of the first week and prizes are at stake I had to put som

Weekly update: 27th - 4th March

Woo hoo, holiday... Center Parcs for the week.

Weekly update: 20th - 26th Feb

What a rubbish week :( totally run down by some kind of stomach flu which the rest of the family also had so really didn't get upto much at all, I think it was:
Mon: 40 Mile cycle & Ab workout.
Tue:  20 Mile cycle
Wed: nowt
Thur: nothing