Weekly update: 13th - 19th Feb

Not a bad week, haven't felt great towards the end of week thought I was loosing it until I found out that the rest of the family seem to also be suffering with the same symptoms as me, so decided to take the weekend off and rest, I was feeling weaker and weaker on the bike but not enough to stop

Weekly update: 6th - 12th Feb

Ouch! Not the best start to the week.. pretty nice cycle to Winchester until I got to Five Bridges cut through which was sheet ice, could barely walk let alone cycle, needless to say I fell off (bike is okay!).

Weekly update: 30th - 5th Feb

Rubbish week cycling this week.  Soooo cold, thought about going up to winch but wimped out when despite wearing all the kit I possible own my fingers were still numb!  Only managed a few trips to Airport Parkway.

Weekly update: 23rd - 29th Jan

Really good week cycling, 4 trips to Winchester in very mild weather given the time of year, hope it stays like this!!

Kit update: Mavic Cyclone Jacket 2010

Just received my new Mavic Cyclone Jacket in the post, very exciting!!

I went for the 2010 edition mainly because I found it going cheap and figured it can't be that different to the new version for the difference in price.  They are a little expensive otherwise.