19th June

Cycle to gym, quick swim, coffee and Paul drove to work, really nice way to start the day and pretty relaxing and a good start to my tappering to the weekend.
Cycle 10k, swim 30 lengths

18th June

New Forest cycle route recce day, went for a cycle around 1 lap of the route for Sunday, actually ended up doing about 44 miles after taking a few wrong turnings (it will be signposted on the day!) but fantastic weather and one of the most gorgeous bike rides I've done for scenery.

17th June

All about resting and swimming today... Did another mile in the sea, again it was pretty wavey and windy but felt really strong, could easily have carried on and never had to lift my head really. Then went swimming with the kids later on.  Nearly forgot to mention, 1 week to go!!!!

16th June

Last long run before D-Day!

15th June

Cycle to Winch, using the tri-bars as much as possible to get use to them, it was pretty breezy on the way home but still managed some pretty quick averages and the bars do seem to increase the speed slightly.
Cycle 40 miles.