6/7/8th June

Work, work & work... 3 days of no exercise!! Not great for training plan but probably needed.

4/5th June

Bank holiday days :) Weston open in the 14... Pretty fresh couple of days of sailing, lots of fun swimming and hard work.
Summary: Sailing, pretty physical all over workout. Also put the tribars on and went for a 30 min cycle on the Monday.

3rd June

Long run day!

2nd June

Supposed to be a rest day after a hectic week but actually ended up going down the gym but only for a gentle run and some light gym stuff followed by a swim with the kids.
Run 5k in 30 mins, chin ups, stretching... Swim with kids.

1st June

Another morning swim session on the way to work.
Cycle 40miles, swim 40 lengths.