2nd March 2013

A return to blogging!!
After a great winter of training, setting a few small goals down the gym, spending a fair amount of time working on my swimming technique it's time to start the blogging again and spring back into action (spring - get it! Oh dear...).
Had a great week of mainly running this week, all started on Monday night when I agreed to meet Paul down the gym for a swim but got dragged out on a 10k run, it was a nice steady pace, took around 54mins, I then worked from home on the Wednesday and took the opportunity to do another 10k run up towards Otterbourne, fairly hilly, taking around 45mins and then finally a run to the gym on Saturday for Emily's tennis lesson again taking it easy put really happy to complete that in around 43mins.  Also did the odd turbo session on my new toy :) and some swims, so an awesome week in all!