17th March 2013 - weekly recap

The end of another hectic, cold, wet, windy but fun week!

A lot of time this week has actually been spent talking to Neuroblastoma, learning how to video blog and getting this website up and running.  Also spent a fair amount of time reading through a lot of the appeal blogs, in particular Adam's (I guess the name stood out!) a really motivating story and I really wish him well and every sucess with his treatment.

This week has turned out to be more focussed on cycling after last weeks attention to running it's nice to be able to have some fun with the training and keep it less structured while I still consider it fairly early in the season.

Check out my latest vblog from today, we've hopefully got a bike ride lined up later in the year in support of Neuroblastoma that's definitely going to be a massive challenge so I thought I'd best get training, especially in the cold!


Mon: Very cold cycle to work, just over 22M

Tue: Sneaky lunch time swim session, 60 lengths

Wed: Cycle to work 22M

Fri: Turbo Trainer session (pic below)

Sat: Wet and windy 10k run in 43mins followed by quick pool session

Sun: very wet 38M bike ride in 2hrs flat.


Vital stats: 78.1kg, feeling pretty damn good despite an annoying chesty cough most of the week not helped by cycling in the cold.