24th March 2013 - Weekly wrap up

Firstly I'm going to get the rant out of the way... this weather, SERIOUSLY! Getting very bored of cycling in every bit of kit and I also seem to continually get tiny little cuts on my hands and fingers that are incredibly small but really painful!! Right I'll try not to mention the weather again (well maybe just once or twice!)

I'm still buzzing from running the Eastleigh 10k; my legs are surprisingly stiff from it, its crazy how much of a difference it makes going out and really pushing yourself.  I can happily run 10k in about 45mins and not really feel it but just pushing yourself to the next level makes a big difference. 

It was a great run, the first 4k was into the wind and uphill slightly; feeling pretty fresh I pushed myself quite hard to set up and maintain a good pace. The course then turns back on itself for a nice downhill section with the wind behind it was pretty quick and I managed to increase my pace slightly. After half way the course exposes itself back to the breeze and the last few k's to the finish I have to admit were a struggle! 

The motivation to keep going was helped by a  text from Paul just prior to the start to say that he would sponser me £5 if I broke the 40min barrier!! A lot of thoughts go through your head during a race and especially when you are finding parts of the course a struggle - it is very easy to feel like backing off a bit and still getting a very reasonable time. This time I managed to put those thoughts to the back of my mind as I found someone from a running club that I'd been neck and neck with the whole way and I tucked in behind him, sheltering from the breeze and using him as a pacer!  All in all it was a great day, I had forgotten how much of a buzz it is just being involved in a race. My final time was 39 minutes a personal best (and secured Paul's donation!!) and I came 252 out of 2600 which I am pretty chuffed with!

2013 B&Q Eastleigh 10k Results


Mon: Very cold cycle to work, just over 22M

Tue: Rest day

Wed: 10k Run to gym followed by 60 lengths in the outdoor pool

Thu: Rest day

Fri: Cycle to work 22M and weights session.

Sat: Great swim session again in the outdoor pool and gardening!

Sun: Eastleigh 10k run in 39mins 43secs and then more gardening!!


Vital stats: 77.9kg, Woo hoo broke the 78kg mark! Felt pretty good this week, was holding back overdoing the training slightly because of the 10k race but really pleased with my time.