27th March 2013 - all about the protein

Still buzzing from the weekend race I was keen to get back out there training and looking forward to the next event.  So despite sore legs I ventured out into the cold for my usual commute upto Winchester, I'd really like to be cycling upto Basingstoke by this time of year but it's literally not possible in these artic conditions!   So I settled for the 22 mile day on the bike and hit the pool for a swim session with Paul after work.  If there's any benefits to this weather it's my time spent in the pool, feeling pretty strong in the pool and trying to arrange a session with a coach to make sure our techniques on track.  I took Tuesday off as a rest day since the legs were still feeling a bit sore from Sunday.  Today I spent most of the day making sure I ate plenty of protein and was well hydrated before running my usual 10k to the gym and then doing a further steady 5k's on the treadmill followed by another swim session.  It's now only just over two weeks to the next challenge which is the new forest cycle so I need to start focusing back on the bike more although I've always felt more confident in this discipline, so happy to keep building the running miles as I really think this is the area that I can gain the most in for the Ironman later in the year. 
Also been thinking about the nutrition a lot recently and been advised to use Maximuscle Promax Diet to control my appetite and make sure I have enough fuel, luckily Maximuscle are sending me a bundle of stuff to start using so looking forward to starting that as part of my training program, thanks!