5th April 2013 - What's been happening!

Firstly apologies for not blogging in a while it's not through lack of activity, almost the opposite, everything seems to have been happening and times been diverted away from this site.  However we now have a team Facebook page (https://www.facebook.com/NBAllianceHeroes)  and a twitter account (@NBHeroes)!! Basically we're spamming people from all angles now and there's no hiding :) so if you're reading this and you've not already liked our page or following us then what are you waiting for!! Our mission is about raising as much awareness for Neuroblastoma as possible through the sport we love and hopefully give the children suffering and their families some hope or worst case something to read and potentially laugh at when we start doing some more whacky video blogs!!
So what else has been happening, we met up with Bea and Alex from NB Alliance UK to discuss what we can to do help promote the charity and get more visibility, some really exciting conversations and some big plans kicking off which I can't wait to dicuss more in the future but mums the word for now.   They also kindly donated us a bundle of Maximuscle Lean Diet protein (thanks!) and the best bit is that it's vanilla flavour, which I love!  So I've been taking this as a meal replacement for 4 days now, it's real easy to mix, tastes great and I think its helping but maybe I'll judge that in a few weeks.  Paul and I also took some time out to snap some photos on Wednesday, we've been meaning to try and get a half decent photo of us together for some time now but due to various circumstances it hasn't happened, personally I blame the cold weather, but now we have lots so no doubt you'll start to see them.
And what about the actual training, it's now just over a week away to the next challenge which is a cycle sportive in the new forest covering around 86 miles of the beautiful country side and enjoying the quiet roads that are perfect for cycling.  These events are normally pretty well attended so we'll be doing our best to wear our NB Alliance tops, hand out leaflets and talk to as many people as possible!  With that said I've switched my training to focus a bit more on the cycling and been trying to hit the turbo trainer as much as possible and get out when I can, for anyone wondering the turbo trainer is basically a way of using your existing bike indoors which is great for ease of use and gives you the extra option to train when you can't leave the house in the evening and the kids are in bed.  Its not been a massive training week with various commitments over Easter but I'm feeling pretty good for so early in the year and I'm on holiday in Cornwall next week so hoping to get lots in then.  Also NB Alliance are going to be at the Brighton marathon the day after our cycle ride so I'm really hoping to be able to get over to that and help support it, in a moment of insanity I even said I'd run in it if they could get me a place which would be no easy feat given the cycle ride the day before but hey this is about pushing ourselves so really hoping I can join in!
I'll leave you with a picture of us messing around and trying to live up to our NB Heroes name (btw we didn't choose this name!)