6th April 2013 - First day of hols

We arrived in Cornwall late Friday night and woke to glorious sunshine and no breeze, resulting in clear blue skies and it being warm enough to not have to wear pretty much everything you own before venturing outdoors!
I couldn't resist getting stuck into some training and stretching the legs whilst taking in some of the amazing coastal views, I had however forgotten just how hilly it is in Cornwall and the legs are feeling it.  This time next week we're taking on a cycling challenge but I still want to put a lot of effort into the running ready for the long distance triathlon later in the year when I have to run a marathon after cycling 112 miles, it's going to hurt!  I ended up doing just over an hour but it was a very hard run with some serious inclines, sections of soft sand and pounding legs.
The rest of the day was spent enjoying being outside with the family, a quick visit to the beach to build some sandcastles, a walk to the playground and we couldn't resist the rare opportunity to have an ice cream as the forecast for the rest of the week doesn't look so great.  I'll try and upload some pictures but having difficulty getting them uploaded from my phone.