7th April 2013 - second day of hols

Trying to keep up the training today, it was very windy so I must admit the appeal to get back outside was lost, on top of that the legs were still feeling the hills from the day before so I was immediately happy to settle for a swim with the family in the morning and there's a great place not too far from where we're staying so we all headed over.  When we arrived it was lovely and quiet and after doing some geeking up on swimming technique recently I'd come across an article about doing front crawl with clenched fists to ensure you focus on 'the catch', which in swimming speak is how you expose the forearm to maximise the surface area that you push through the water and therefore push yourself forwards with (well at least that's my understanding!).  It made for a good session and certainly made me think about the elbow angle more, not sure it's something I'll add to my regular pool session but no harm in trying new techniques to improve!  I've actually just received an email from a swim coach I emailed regarding some professional training so more on that when we get it booked in.
Much of the day was then spent enjoying a fantastic roast dinner, jealously watching some people out windsurfing on the Camel estuary near Padstow (although secretly pleased I didn't bring my kit and feel I had to venture out in the 2 degree wind chill) and then playing an hilarious dance game with our kids and some friends on their Xbox, scarily this game records you dancing, something that will never make it onto the Internet!!
Having paid to go swimming I was entitled to free gym entry for that day so I managed to sneak down and squeeze in a relaxed 4mile run in 30mins on the treadmill and some stretching and weights for half and hour to finish the day off, bizarrely my legs now feel better after this session compared to earlier in the day, so it was a worthwhile recovery run if nothing else!  And when I say recovery if I could maintain that sort of pace on the Ironman marathon I'd be... well not worth worrying about the impossible!