14th April 2013 - What a week!

What a crazy week it has been!  I'm going to cut straight to the weekend and then rewind as this weekend was the official launch of our facebook page to coincide with our first event together doing the 87 mile Wiggle New Forest Cycle Sportive in our new flash NB Alliance cycling kit.  Luckily Bea from NB Alliance had managed to find a generous donor that pledged £1 for every like we got over the weekend, an amazing idea and a huge success, we now have over 1000 likes!!  Something Paul and I never thought possible and gives us a great starting platform to try and promote what we're upto and what we're about, which in simple is crazy challenges and raising awareness for Neuroblastoma!  Its also been really great to see all the support and encouragement we've had from people helping us spread the message about our page and kind words about the challenges we're doing and if you're in any doubt as to how hard we intend to push ourselves physically please keep checking our page because we're going to be announcing new challenges, hopefully one soon which I can't wait to start talking about more because it's insanely difficult and for an amazing cause.
So what about the weekends challenge.  Hopefully you've seen the video blog for this ride, if not check it out here, so hopefully with out re-iterating the same story again it was wet, cold, wet, very windy, cold and did I mention wet!  I actually felt great going into this ride, luckily I've had the last week off down in Cornwall realxing (and quite a lot of hill training thrown in) with the family so I was feeling confident on the bike.  What really hit me hard was the cold, after about half way Paul was starting to struggle and dropping pace a fair bit which meant that I was having to hold back and wait quite lot causing me to loose a lot of heat given that I was drenched through and the wind was really starting to build.  So Paul and I had a quick conversation as we approached the second food stop and decided we'd split, I know Paul would never quit on a challenge like this and it was probably a relief for him too to not have me pestering him continually to speed up, sorry Paul!  So for the last 26 miles I pushed myself quite hard, trying to average around 20mph, got a sweat on and thought about the cup of tea waiting for me at the finish line.  All I'll say about the car park fiasco is that it's lucky we chose to do the Saturday ride becuase it was cancelled on Sunday due to the state of the field!  I would love to have done more facebook updates with pictures enroute and captured some better video footage of us cycling to give a better feel of what it was like but unfortunately both the signal and weather didn't help but hopefully they'll be lots more opportunities.
And prior to the weekend?  As mentioned I was on a family vaction down in north Cornwall and it was great to get away, it was a bit of a crazy hectic week though and probably really lucky that I wasn't working because there seemed to be soo much going on, it was my Birthday on the Tuesday, my 10th wedding anniversary on the Friday, event on Saturday, visit to the Brighton Marathon today, plus lots of running, cycling and a swim thrown in plus a lot of conversations and planning for the weekend, including the initial conversations that I'm hoping to announce next weekend for a new mammoth challenge along with a lot of promoting done on facebook to increase the likes!  I just want to take this opportunity to also say how nice its been working with everyone at NB Alliance UK they've been massively supportive, so I hope you enjoy the blogs, videos and updates we're doing for them and we welcome any feedback, questions or comments!  I'll also add some pics from Cornwall to the family tab of my site.
I'm going to leave you with this picture which is my favourite from the weekend, I genuinely didn't realise Paul was in the shot when I took it, Where's Wally spings to mind :)