21st April 2013 - Sun shines on big challenges!

Yay there's a taste of summer in the air and it's so motivating!  After such an amazing weekend previously that finished on a high of watching the Brighton Marathon with the NB Alliance team and Elly the elephant!! it was a difficult Monday morning dragging myself out of bed and back on to the road bike but inspired after watching all the runners I couldn't back out.  I went for the relatively easy 10 mile route up to Winchester and opted for the train to Basingstoke which leaves about 2 miles to cycle to office, easy, not this time, the tube in my rear wheel exploded and having used all my spare tubes up at the weekend I had no option but to run the last mile to the office, which is not a pleasant experience in cycling kit.  The tyre actual had a pretty nasty cut through the wall, I managed to borrow an inner tube from a colleague and used a very neat trick of placing an empty gel wrapper inside the tyre to cover the hole which was enough to get me home.  Once home I was able to swap the tyre with an older but now better condition one to see me through a few more weeks.  It certainly managed the next day and now that the weather was looking more promising I pushed myself into cycling home all the way, only actually done it a couple of times this year due to the weather mainly and it was a long hard gruelling 30miles into a massive head wind, my legs could really have done with out after the ride on Saturday in the New Forest but there was something burning on the back of my mind urging to ramp up the cycling...


We're going to attempt to cycle from John O'Groats to Lands End in 5 days!! Terry 'aintscared' West has pledged to do the ride for donations towards Amelia-Mae's appeal, but wanted some help so after a chat on the phone I said "Of course!!".  It's actually something I've wanted to do for a long time but not found anyone crazy enough to attempt it in 5 days with me and now doing it for such a great cause makes it even more important and failure is not an option!  I've not actually met Terry yet, I've looked through his Facebook and quickly determined he's definitely in good shape which is massively important when you're planning to cycle around 200 miles a day, he also appears to be a pretty good boxer which is awesome for the type of mental fitness we're going to have to endure on the ride, but I think it's clear we both need to put in some serious miles on the bike in training for this!  I'm already really looking forward to it, the weather will play a massive part in how enjoyable (or should I say painful) it is but I kind of just want to get started already!  Unfortunately it will require a fair bit of planning, accommodation, travel, food, drink, spares, food, clothing, food that sort of stuff, it should also be a great opportunity for us to build on the awareness for the charity and get this story into the local papers and radio.


Here's the basic breakdown that I stole from someone else on the Internet:


Day 1 - John O'Groats to Fort William     ~200 miles
Day 2 - Fort William to Moffat                  ~170 miles
Day 3 - Moffat to Northwich                     ~190 miles
Day 4 - Northwich to Bridgwater              ~215 miles
Day 5 - Bridgwater to Lands end             ~170 miles



I'll have to look into the route a lot closer the nearer it gets but I think this will make a good starting point.



It was a fantastic weekend and it was great to enjoy some sunshine for the first time this year.  I had a lovely run to the gym on Saturday morning, it's so much nicer when the suns shining, you can wear the running vest and shades and there's no fear of getting cold :)  I even then enjoyed the outdoor (heated!) pool at the gym with my daughter Emily, my son Zac is less hardy and wanted to stick to the indoor pool, I must admit he had a fair point.  Sunday I managed to get out on the road bike for a few hours conditioning on the hills of the South Downs, but not until after a bit of goofing around in the kitchen!

This is my top secret formula, please don't share it!


Weekly Stats:

Monday: Cycle 15 miles

Tuesday: Cycle 45 miles

Wednesday: Swim Session

Thursday: Turbo trainer 45mins

Friday:  Rest day

Saturday: Run 15k, Swim

Sunday: Cycle 3 hrs

Weight: Seems to have gone back upto 78.1Kg, despite lots of cycling and feeling pretty good, oh well muscle weighs more than fat :|


And I'll leave you with a picture of me at the top of Winchester Hill on Sunday: