28th April 2013 - Tough training

Its been a hectic week of training, there's been a slight realisation that some of the challenges I've signed up for are really going to hurt, if not be near impossible if the weather doesn't play ball, so its motivated me to push my self a little harder this week and as I write this my legs are still aching!   I've broken this weeks log down into a daily record, it kind of makes it easier to write like this because I can add to it as the week progresses since I seem to have difficulty remembering, I must be getting old!!
Monday: Went for a gentle 5k jog at lunch, really nice recovery run after the few hours on the bike the day before, then did an hour on the turbo that evening, plus some upper body weights.
Tuesday: Worked from home, gorgeous sunny day, by far the hotest day of the year to date.  Finished work and ran the 10k to gym in 43mins, 50 lengths in the outdoor pool then ran 10k back in 47mins, all carrying a rucksack with swim stuff, it was a very tough session, great to be out in the heat running but did feel pretty sick for a while afterwards so really need to work on the dehydration and food intake, think I was suffering from sun stroke slightly!
Wednesday: A much needed rest day :)
Thursday: Had a good cycle to Winch, train up to our Reading office only to find I didn't have any shoes there, doh!  After a couple of meetings in my cycling shoes I then cycled back to the Basingstoke office, which was an idyllic sunny ride through the countryside, it's the first time I've cycled between the offices at lunch but definitely something I might consider adding to my training, it's a great way to spend a lunch hour, then later cycled home.  So a good 40 mile day.
Friday: Managed to get out of work on time and got dropped off at the gym to meet up with the rest of the family who were swimming with friends, always keen to work on my leg strength, especially building up the muscles on my right leg that I had an ACL operation on several years ago I did a lot of squats, lunges and leg work, as well as about 10 mins on the bike and 15mins on the treadmill to warm up.  Followed by a great pool session, probably around 50 to 60 lengths but I wasn't really counting.
Saturday: Off sailing in the International 14s down at Castle Cove Sailing Club in Weymouth, it was a very windy day and not the light introduction back into sailing that I'd have hoped for this year!  We actually sailed pretty well and I discovered quite a few muscles that I'd not used for a while, finished up with a 1,2 in the two races... Then after a pretty hard day on the water I some how got persuaded into a bike ride and ended up doing a hilly and very windy 25 mile ride (nearly got blown into the verge a few times, not to mention the hail storm) around the Weymouth hills, the main attraction being Hardys monument.
Sunday: Woke up feeling very beaten up but was back out on the water early for another days sailing, much lighter windys, some slightly dissapointing boat speed and some very annoying arctic conditions (I do hate the cold!) led to some frustrating results.  We ended the weekend in 3rd place overall which actually sounds pretty reasonable but certainly a lot of room for improvement in the way we sailing today.
All in all a hectic and physically demanding week!  But certainly more like the level of training I should be doing, lets see if I can keep this sort of milage up, I'll certainly have to push the cycling a lot harder to pull of the ride across Britain in 5 days, so I'm going to have to start focussing on riding to work more and extending it.  Hopefully there should be some pictures coming from the weekends sailing so I'll try and post some of those soon, we also should be receiving the photos from the cycle sportive we did in the new forest and there was some great photos from that event with the Neuroblastoma Alliance cycling tops clearly on display.

I'm wishing I'd taken a photo at the top of Hardy's Monument, I was wearing my team NB kit but unfortuntately forgot so I'll leave you with this completely unrelated pic!