6th May 2013 - Bank Holiday Fun

Feels like I haven't blogged in a while, I think I've actually almost been too busy training, thinking about training, working and spending time with the family, it feels like its been non-stop and I think it always feels a little like that when we have such nice weather, there's so much more motivation to get outdoors instead of sitting in front of the computer. 

I've  just been watching the results from the Maximuslce Protein Project, quite an interesting challenge where they took 3 average guys, fed them their product and put them through their paces down the gym for 12 weeks, the results are impressive and I must admit that I do think their products great having been using it for several weeks to help fuel myself but I'm just wondering at what week will I suddenly develop a sun tan and loose all chest hair from drinking protein ;)


I'm continueing my blog as a daily breakdown so that I can attempt to write it as the week progresses, thus remembering everything, so here goes:

Monday - Did about 15 miles on the road bike, a tough ride in the morning after a full week of activity, the legs were like lead on the way.  I'd actually liked to have done a few more miles still on the way home but had a lot on at work so couldn't get away and had to opt for the train in the end :(


Tuesday - Fantastic weather so Paul and I cycled upto Micheldever in the morning and then all the way home from work, around a 55mile day for me and you we couldn't have asked for nicer weather, it really is a great cycle through all the country side up to Basingstoke.


Wednesday - Cycled to the gym, so around 12miles including there and back, then went for a swim in the outdoor pool with the sun beating down :)


Thursday - Keen to keep the cycling miles up I cycled up to the Basingstoke office and back, around a 70 mile day.  I was actually a lot more prepared with water and a power bar for the journey and it seemed to make a huge difference, felt pretty strong all the way home, total time was around 3hrs 40mins.  I need to focus on fuelling more while out cycling and running rather than relying on trying to get enough calories from meal times, hopefully this will have the added effect of me snacking less in the evening too.


Friday - Bit of a rest day before the weekend.


TrisuitSaturday - A very exciting day because our new Neuroblastoma team 2XU trisuits arrived in the post, they look awesome and the quality is great, it's easy to see why 2XU are high regarded as one of the best quality brands in Triathlon.  I had to instantly test the trisuit out with a 10k run to the gym and then a dive into the out door pool for some lengths, again maybe I was just a little excited to have some new kit but I reckon I felt a little quicker in the pool!


photo.JPGSunday - Now that the weather seems to have finally taken a turn for the better today was all about getting the first proper open water swim in for the year.  Swimming outdoors in a wetsuit is quite different to swimming in a pool and since this is an important part of an Ironman distance triathlon it's always good to practice it as much as possible, I also find it really relaxing and one of the more enjoyable aspects to training compared to the hours I spend cycling.  After much searching we found a great location on the banks of the Hamble River near Bursledon that will no doubt now become our regular swimming spot.  It was a great swim and remarkably warm, strangely that evening I topped the day off by cycling to the gym for another pool session and a Jacuzzi/sauna :)


photo.JPGBank Holiday Monday - We'd planned this day for some time as our recce for the up and coming Fareham Triathlon, so at 7am we parked outside the leisure centre there and tested out the course.  We basically did the cycle route, run route, cycle route and then the run again... so we pretty much did it twice which was awesome training (what's known as a BRICK to triathletes - something to do with Bike Run sICK so I've heard!). 

The rest of the day was then spent enjoying the nice weather and a BBQ with the family, pretty much the perfect day!


When training it's always good to keep an eye all the data and train to what the readings say, so I'm going to leave you with this pic today: