12th May - Fresh n' fruity!

A slightly shorter weeks blog after including the Bank Holiday Monday in last weeks.  Also a couple of rest days which were needed and a spot of sailng at the weekend which was an awesome workout and great cross-training and core strength, also helps keep the motivation up and I'm lucky to be able to have such a variety of sport to play at!
Tuesday - Rest Day from training after a great couple of weeks and definitely needed, but it certainly wasn't a rest from the planning and we took the opportunity to meet up with Bea, Mark and Kathy from NB Alliance to discuss some of the planned events we have and what we can do to help, really interesting discussion and always an inspiration to hear how enthusiastic they are and how appreciative they are of our blogs and updates, I always look forward to our meetings and we've got some really exciting things planned.
Wednesday - Still wanted to have a relatively easy day so opted for just 30 mins on the turbo trainer, although I wanted to try and push myself like I'll have to during the ride on the Fareham Triathlon, so it was actually 30mins of torture and I'm not sure I'd have been able to walk 5k afterwards let alone run it but I was pretty pleased with it, I think I need those short intense sessions to appreciate the pyschological side of being able to mentally push on when it feels like there's nothing left.  I also spent a bit of the evening working on a new website for the charity, www.inbrc.org, it's still very much work in progress at the moment but it's coming along, so hopefully something to check out in the furture!
Thursday - Just cycled the ~35 miles to work, a reasonably nice sunny morning, although the weather did cast over a little towards Basingstoke making it a little chilly, but a fairly fast time of 1hr 45mins however there was a bit of a tail wind so not going to get too excited about that average.  I couldn't have understated the change in weather more by the time I'd come to leaving work it was over 30knts and pretty much a head wind all the home, I was blown all over the place and it would have been easy to wimp out and take the easy option by catching the train home but I've always liked to think that it's the rides like those where you knuckle down and stick it out that really make you stronger and more prepared than the next guy when it comes to doing challenges like the Ironman.  It's also a great sense of achievement when you make it home and finally get to put your feet up.  My average on the way home was more like 16.5mph overall not actually too bad considering the conditions.  I made an extra effort again to stay fuelled while cycling and it definitely makes for a more pleasurable ride, felt pretty good, it was a little cold and the rain didn't help but I was still smiling when I arrived home!
Friday - Rest day (did a bit of core stability stuff but nothing to shout about, mainly to try and strengthen any of the aches from the previous day).
Saturday & Sunday - International 14 open meeting at Westion Sailing Club, both days were pretty similar weather, basically windy, gusty, shifty and hard work.  There's nothing quite like crewing a 14 for the feeling of being beaten up, it was some fairly testing conditions and after very little time in a boat recently, it was tiring!  We got 2 races completed on the Saturday before the weather got the better of everyone and the race officer decided to call it a day, Sunday was a very similar story, there was 3 races planned but after completing the 2nd and counting clean score sheet of first places we decided to forego the last race and use it as our disgard and basically get a shore before the wind picked up anymore!  But it was a fantastic weekends sailing, could have been warmer (always can in this country), with some tricky boat handling and close racing which saw us have to fight hard to regain the lead a few times, but certainly gave me the buzz back for sailing and nice to have a trophy to take home.  The pic below was actually taken at Weymouth a couple of weeks ago and the rest can be found here, but it's a good picture of me and Roger sailing downwind and pretty similar to what it would have looked like today, although it never looks that windy in photos!