26th March 2013 - Mixed bag of sports

Heavy start to the week after the excitment from the Triathlon at the weekend, both physically and mentally, there's a part of me that just wants to get on the start line again for another triathlon so really lacking concentration and very difficult to focus at work on Monday morning!
Monday:  Still recovering from Sunday and feeling slightly sore in the stomach but ventured out and cycled up to Winchester in the morning and all the way home in the evening, so a 45mile day on the bike.  The ride home was tough, mainly because I'd packed no where near enough food, it's evident I need a hit around the Micheldever area (~1.5hrs) otherwise I fade and start to feel really light headed, after I'd found a shop and refuelled I felt much better.
Tuesday: Relatively calm day but finished up with a lovely sea swim at the top of Hamble river, a great chance to get out in the wetsuit and get some proper open water practice, we were also blessed with a lovely sunny evening.
Wednesday: Again cycled upto Winchester in the morning, legs feeling even heavier than Monday and cycled home.
Thursday: Rest Day
Friday: New Trainers, woo hoo!  I found out through work that I can get a 50% discount on a new pair of trainers every year at Sweatshop, I really wanted a pair of Adidas Boost and after phoning round a few stores I found a pair in my size at the Southampton branch unfortunately when I tried them on Adidas have a tendency to be very narrow and they just didn't fit well.  After much deliberation I settled for a pair of Nike Free 3.0, they fit like a glove and actually look a bit cooler too , after reviewing my transition times at the triathlon I also bought some quick release laces also couldn't resist going for a 30 min run to check them out.
Saturday: Sailing in Weymouth for round two of the series it was fairly breezy more so than advertised, unfortunately we were lacking pace and having to work the boat hard to keep up with the competition but lacked anything special in the speed department, that said we did nearly win the last race!  A few of us then hit the bikes and went for a tough 1hr testosterone fuelled cycle, it was a hard ride given the amount of egos in the group but I held them all off :)  
Sunday: Sailing in Weymouth day 2, started of with no wind at all but a sea breeze quickly filled in to a moderate breezy, again nothing special in the speed department but I felt we sailed really well and I really enjoyed the day and left me buzzing for more.  It was a fantastic weekends sailing 
There was some great photos posted on facebook from the sailing so I'll leave you with one of my favourites: