2nd June 2013 - Bank Holiday Fun

Yeah another short week, got to love Bank Holidays :)  Really pleased with my running this week, not pushing myself too hard but feeling pretty strong and able to sustain a good pace, I really feel like the run is where I can make my biggest gains on the Ironman distance this year, hopefully knocking off an hour from last years time.


Bank Holiday Monday:  1h22min Run, over 11miles first half hilly second half undulating along the river path.


Tuesday:  I was all planned to cycle all the way to work but the weather really wasn't great, so I wimped out and ended up cycling to Winch on the way to work and all the way home in the evening.


Wednesday:  Rest Day.


Thursday:  A tough, cycle to work in the driving rain, I was drenched to the bone when I arrived.  I cycled all the way in the morning and then home from Winch in the evening, so a 45 mile day.


Friday:  Swim session at the gym and a pint with Paul, plus a chance to discuss his Half Ironman event at the weekend (Outlaw up in Sheffield) that he was lucky enough to win!


Saturday:  Rest day.


Sunday:  Same run as Monday, something I'd like to maintain weekly as part of my training, this time 1h20min, also took an energy gel with me this time and took it half way round, really want to work on my fueling as I push myself harder.  I reckon it's probably one of my weakest areas.