7th July 2013 - Can't stop eating!

After such a mammoth week previously, this week was always planned around recovery, although I still managed a few training session mainly because we were blessed with gorgeous weather.  The main challenge this week was keeping myself out of the kitchen, I guess it's understandable to have an appitite after such a huge ride and there was a certain element of feeling like I now deserved a few treats :) but I think it's becoming a habit now, I've literally eaten non stop all week, thankfully I haven't gained too much weight but need to get back on the protein shakes and less goodies!
Monday - Was planned to be a complete recovery day after the mamoth weekend, but I gave in to Paul's challenge to cycle to Winch for work and was already back on the bike, surprisingly not feeling too bad on it either!  Still a gentle ride, probably about 20 miles.
Tuesday - A Proper rest day :)
Wednesday - Another Proper rest day :)
Thursday - Still resting! And eating soo much, can't stop eating, it's getting rediculous!
Friday - Cycled to Winch in the morning and then all the way home in the evening, so around 45 miles on the bike, again felt surprisingly strong, I think I always feel better when the suns out, you have less kit on and the air temperatues is warmer and therefore easier to cut through.
Saturday - Ran to the gym, 10k on pretty heavy legs although I still felt like I had the fitness just had to keep telling my legs to move!  I made a consious effort to not watch the clock and to not push myself too hard since I'm likely to still be recovering from the previous week and was amazed to see the watch say 43 mins when I arrived! Really pleased with that, I think that's likely to be how I feel during the Ironman.  Then went for a swim with the family before meeting my parents in the afternoon for a much needed BBQ :)
Sunday - A fantastic day spent with the NCCA UK at their family fun day at Kew Gardens, a fantastically organised event with so much going for the children, mine had an amazing time.  And to cap off a great day I got home and watched the Winbledon final I had recorded, a great result for Andy Murray topping off a great weekend for British sport as Chris Froome took the Yellow jursey in the Tour De France and the lions won their tour down under.