14th July - Summer scorcher

It's been hot hot hot! Almost getting used to waking up and expecting the weather to be nice now and certainly lifts the spirits and makes you want to be outside.  This week has been quite focussed on working with the NCCA, after the summer fun day on the Sunday just gone there was lots of momentum to keep plans progressing and keep the planning going, its also been a tough week for everyone involved with the charity and the importance of the work they do has really hit home as recently two of the the appeals (Amelia-Mae and Adam) sadly past away.   This came as a bit of a shock to me.   Adam, mainly due to his name, was the first appeal I read about and started to follow on FB/Twitter, similarly I'd followed Amelia-Mae and had really hoped to cycle Lands End to John O'Groates to raise support for her but unfortunately the guy organising and arranging it had pulled out.
Monday:  With the sun still beating down it was the perfect day for cycling, so we got straight back to training and did Winchester in the morning and all the way home in the evening sun.
Tuesday:  Rest day working in London, followed by the luxury of a free 2hour Thai massage!  It's a good friend of Pauls who's adding a new massage style to her portfolio and therefore looking for guinea pigs, something I jumped at the chance to do!  It was 2 hours of bliss, it's a bit of a work out in itself as it does work through all the tight muscles and leave you initially feeling like you've been done the gym but definitely something I'd look to book in after my next big event, maybe the Ironman Triathlon.
Wednesday:  Back in London for work and then headed over to the new NCCA UK head quarters to meet up with the team and some very exciting discussions to organise our NCCA's Cycling Santas event!  It's now official and I've noticed already mentioned on the NCCA website, I'm going to start work on a website for the event soon so I won't go into any detail here but there was a lot of positive discussion and really hoping we pull this off!
Thursday:  Working from home so chance to stretch the legs and go for a sweaty hot 10k run, 44mins.
Friday:  Cycled upto Winchester in the morning and had intended to cycle home however my wife wasn't feeling too great so I ended up getting a lift home to be back sooner.  However once the children and Suze were all tucked up soundly asleep and it was only 8pm I decided to creep out for a sneaky swim down the gym, it was a really nice impromptu session, I felt strong and did 125 lengths in the pool.  Followed by a very tasty new smoothy called 'The Hulk' - spinach, broccolli, celery, apple, mango and pineapple... really tasty!
Saturday:  Back out in the morning for a 10k run, again very hot so wanted to practice in the heat and not push the distance too much, 42mins an improvement on Thursday despite my best efforts to take it easy!  Paul and I then headed up to London to crash over at Bea's house ready for the British 10k the next day and an opportunity to discuss the Cycling Santa's over a few beers which generally involves Paul's more level headed realistic approach reeling in any grand ideas I have of cropping it down by a couple of days, whats another 20 miles a day on top of 100 in the middle of winter :-P
Sunday:  The day of the British 10k London run, we all met up at 8am near the start line and there was a great atmosphere, there was 77 people running for the NCCA UK and lots of supporters.  We knew it was going to be a hot run but this was going to be an extra challenge for me, in my usual fashion I had agreed to run in the Elly costume, admittedly several months early when I agreed I could not have anticipated it being close to 30 degrees but I don't like to go back on my word.   And I'm glad I did do it, it was very very hot and I was litterally drenched in sweat for the entire run but the support and appreciation I received from everyone involved in the day was humbling and certainly made it worth while.  There were many times when I wanted to at least take the head off and breath some fresh air but the roars of support from the crowd carried me on, I think my most memorable moment was a fellow runner who asked to shake my hand and then told me how much it meant to him that I would subject myself to so much torture to build awareness for such a great cause and how he lost his son to it last year, I was lost for words and simply accepted the hand shake.  We ended up completing the run in 1hr 8mins which I was really impressed with given the difficult conditions but it was a thoroughly enjoyable day and we all celebrated afterwards with a pint of shandy (about all I could manage!) before heading home.
Yep that's me on the left!