21st July 2013 - A tough week in the sun...

It's been a sweltering week weather wise with glorious sunshine every day but after a tough few weeks of activities its been taking its toll on my legs!  Absolutely loving the weather and I can't remember it being this nice for this long since... well I can't remember!!
Monday: Cycle to gym, 50 lengths, then cycle on to Winchester in the morning.  Cycle all the way home from Basingstoke, so a pretty big day again and still on a bit of a high from the weekends activities!
Tuesday: After the last few bigs days of training on the trott I was litterally broken, defintely a rest day and probably a few more to follow!  Didn't feel too great at all, I think level of dehydration had caught up with me!
Wednesday: Rest Day
Thursday: Rest Day
Friday:  Swim and sort my bike and kit out ready for Satudays fun!
Saturday:  Our next big challenge, 6 hours on a turbo trainer outside Kiddicare in Hedge End! The weather was hot, we were in the shade but it was a big tough day!  Cycling on a turbo trainer is harder than on the road, you never get to back off on a descent and there's no cooling breezy it also hurts the bum more, so it was a punishing day in the saddle!  I managed to clock up 100 miles according to my speedometer on the back wheel, which I'm really happy with, it's an impressive effort compared to my normal stats and considering it was about 5 and a half hours of cycling with the comfort breaks every hour I was maintain a really high rythme and definitely feeling strong on the bike this year compared to last year, just need to up the running milage before the Ironman.
Sunday:  Another hot day spent chilling and eating BBQ food with the family and good friends.  Nearly forgot, that was after a quick sail in the morning with the kids!  And of course I got to watch Chris Froome win the 100th Tour de France, an epic victory and complete donimation by Team Sky, a very impressive effort.
I'll leave you with a pic of Paul and I re-hydrating on a vanilla frappe, damn they were tasty and kept us going!