9th Sept 2013 - Challenge Henly

The big weekend Ironman... still need to write something up about this!!! Tough day out...
The swim - I was feeling very confident with my swimming skills going into the event, I'd spent a lot of time in the pool and out in the sea, so I was definitely happy with the distance and coping with the flying elbows and kicks off the start line.  What I didn't anticipate was the low level of mist on the day, visibility was literally non-existant, I felt that I got in a good position in the next wave after the pros, but after about half way I seemed to find myself pretty much on my own and started to doubt where I was going.  Having to continually then lift your head to try and sight the marks really starts to take it out of you and paranoia starts to set in!  As it happens I put in a fairly tidy swim time, but I feel it could have been about 5mins quickly and a lot less effort if I could have just been able to see where I was going!
The bike -
the run -