Getting Started!

So I've decided to keep a blog!  Not so that I can communicate to the world what I'm up to really just to keep a diary for myself so that one day I can look back and see what I've been up to and hopefully reflect on all the fun (and pain) I've been through.  But if you happen to stumble on this page I hope you enjoy reading it or it cures your insomnia!

I'm going to try and keep a weekly log of what I achieve in 2012 so I'll try and recap on what I've missed:

16th Jan - 22nd Jan
Cycled about 160 miles commuting to work, ran 5km and started swimming, this is an effort to learn Total Immersion technique and become a more efficient swimmer, I went about 3 times in the week.

9th Jan - 15th Jan
Cycled about 110 miles commuting and about 60 miles on the Sunday with friends.

2nd Jan - 8th
15 miles at roughly 20mph cycling to Romsey Rapids!
Cycled about 120 miles commuting on the Tues to Thursday and it was possibly one of the toughest weeks ever due to the high winds!

2011 Milestones:
17th April - Now Forest sportive (21 miles to start, 85 mile event avg 20mph, 21 miles home)
22nd April - Cycle to Cornwall (190 miles, avg speed 19.4 mph plus 45 mins of  stops)
14th - 17th July - Paris to Geneva Visa bike ride
2nd Oct - New Forest 100 mile sportive (plus 21 mile cycle to start)

Hopefully going forward I can keep track and try and go into a little bit more detail, enjoy...