Visa Beijing to Basingstoke Challenge

The challenge started last wednesday whilst on was on holiday, luckily I had my fitbug with me so I was able to start counting steps!  However all the time in the swimming pool meant that I wasn't counting many, so as it came to the close of the first week and prizes are at stake I had to put some effort in!!
Monday and Tuesday have been big days!  40 Miles commuting to work each day and then straight out for a run (great triathlon training) followed by food and a long, long walk... but it looks like it might have paid off, I'm currently averaging around 21k steps a day with a leading individual total and more importantly our teams is cruising out into the lead :)
Just need to remember to keep taking the fitbug with me everywhere and hopefully I can get the highest step count at the end, which is still several weeks away!!!
My highest count for one day is currently just over 50k!!  Might take a while to beat that again...