Weekly update: 19th - 25th March

This week has mainly been about cycling and a fair amount of walking to build on my lead in the fitbug challenge!  This week the weather has been lovely so its been a great opportunity to increase the distance, unfortunately it's still very very cold in the mornings so the ride to Basingstoke on Friday wasn't overly enjoyable, just as it felt like it might warm up we cycled into a think mist which covered the whole of the Basingstoke area and was very wet and cold :( I think we might have to concentrate on cycling all the way home for now and enjoy the evening warmth especially since the clocks have just changed.
Also the start of my come back tour to sailing, don't think I've been in a boat for several months but great to be back sailing something as exciting as the International 14 even if it was light airs at the weekend it doesn't take a lot to get you both out on the wire! A lot of fun and a lot of learning to survive anything more than the fickle winds we had, still managed a couple of capsizes!
Mon: 40 Mile cycle
Tue: 60 Mile cycle *** First Cycle back from Basingstoke this year ***
Wed: Rest
Thu: 40 Mile cycle
Fri: 85 Mile cycle *** First full cycle to Basingstoke this year ***
Sat: 20 min run (sweating rum) & swim followed by ~2hrs Int14 Sailing
Sun: ~5hrs Int14 Sailing