Weekly update: 26th - 1st April

Trying to rest towards the end of this week ready for Cornwall next week and my aim of cycling there! However we happened to be at Sandy Balls on the Sunday so it seemed silly not to run the start/finish of the run course!  Which is basically going to hurt! The penultimate mile is a killer, I could barely run it on relatively fresh legs so it's going to really hurt on the day :-|
Mon: 40 Mile cycle, 5km run & swim (about half a mile but felt quick and great technique)
Tue: 60 Miles cycle
Wed: Rest Day
Thu: 40 Mile cycle, 5km run
Fri: 60 Mile cycle
Sat: Rest day (Suzie's B'day)
Sun: 10km run/recce on the Ironman course
Weight: 74.9 kg the first time I've ever seen a 4 near the beginning, this is very light for me...
A view from the marathon course just so I don't forget what the terrain looks like! I'll have to go back and run some more of this soon to get a feel for all of it.

New Forest recce