Weekly update: 2nd - 8th April

This week was all about cycling to Rock (~190 miles), or it was supposed to be if it hadn't have been 3 degrees!!  I'm ashamed to say that after 4.5 hours of not being able to feel my feet I quit and got a lift the rest of the way, really annoyed...  but it took many hours in the car to thaw out, luckily I had planned for Suze and the kids to leave a few hours after me!

Mon: 20 Mile cycle
Tue: 20 Mile cycle
Wed: 80 Mile cycle
Thu: 10 Mile cycle, 5km run (brick training)
Fri: Scorpian Sailing (lots of hiking!)
Sat: 10km run, Scorpian sailing (lots of hiking!)
Sun: Scorpian sailing (lots of hiking!)
Weight: 74.5kg the lightest I've ever been, I'm actually happy to keep this a little higher at the mo since I'm worried this might be dehydration and glycogen loss rather than fat!
Me looking less than amused after conceeding to the cold at Chideock (yes I did do the big hill first!)