Weekly Update 23rd - 29th April

Heavy legs after the end of last week! But actually a really good week and a bit more emphasis on running as well as great to finally go and jump in the sea and test out a tri-wetsuit even if it was feezing and the tide was a long way out , won't make that mistake again!  After I got back I did a little research on bramblenet and it appears the water temperature was around 10 degrees Celcius (50F) which is typical this time of year but looking on the archives it's generally around 16C (60F) end of June so fingers crossed that's a lot more bareable, although I think if I concentrate on swimming in the out door pool more at the gym and still getting out in the sea every weekend just to condition the body to the cold it should hopefully pay dividends later.
Mon: 40M Cycle
Tue: 40M Cycle, 5km Run, 50lengths Swim
Wed: Rest
Thu: 40M Cycle
Fri: 40M Cycle, 11k run (45.5mins), swim (1M)
Sat: Sea swim!  (wearing orca predator) - literally too cold to put head in water!!
Sun: 12M Run (1:30:42)
Weight: 74.2kg