27th May

Another glamour day, we were all out in the mirror sailing by about 9 O'clock and it was lovely and warm.  Sam and Bex were then down in Hamble and we had a swimming session in the river, which was a great learning experience.  Quite a lot to take from it in terms of preperation, do anything you can to prevent wetsuit rub, need to stay relaxed and to some degree ignorant of what others are doing so that I stay focussed of my breathing and technique.  The temperature was perfect, after my concerns from my last attempt I now believe at least I won't die of hyperthermia!  My abs and arms were still pretty dead from sailing the day before but I wasn't far off Sam's pace especially when I didn't think about where he was and just did my own thing, I reckon I probably need to repeat this a few times a week to get more comfortable with it and I should be able to make some gains.  Also hoping the ironman coniditons will be a lot nicer given I won't be swimming in salt water with a fair amount of seaweed to plough through, maybe even a bit more visibility.  It was kind of addictive in a bizarre sort of way and actually really want to get back out there, although got quite a few sores from the wetsuit.
Swimming: 40 mins