26th March 2013 - Mixed bag of sports

Heavy start to the week after the excitment from the Triathlon at the weekend, both physically and mentally, there's a part of me that just wants to get on the start line again for another triathlon so really lacking concentration and very difficult to focus at work on Monday morning!

19th May 2013 - Tri time

Its been a difficult week of training recently I've been trying to increase the distances and push myself on longer but this week has really been focussed on getting ready for the Fareham Sprint Triathlon on Sunday, which due to the relatively short distances and fast pace it's a

6th May 2013 - Bank Holiday Fun

Feels like I haven't blogged in a while, I think I've actually almost been too busy training, thinking about training, working and spending time with the family, it feels like its been non-stop and I think it always feels a little like that when we have such nice weather, there's

28th April 2013 - Tough training

Its been a hectic week of training, there's been a slight realisation that some of the challenges I've signed up for are really going to hurt, if not be near impossible if the weather doesn't play ball, so its motivated me to push my self a little harder this week and as I write

21st April 2013 - Sun shines on big challenges!

Yay there's a taste of summer in the air and it's so motivating!  After such an amazing weekend previously that finished on a high of watching the Brighton Marathon with the NB Alliance team and Elly the elephant!!