24th March 2013 - Weekly wrap up

Firstly I'm going to get the rant out of the way... this weather, SERIOUSLY! Getting very bored of cycling in every bit of kit and I also seem to continually get tiny little cuts on my hands and fingers that are incredibly small but really painful!!

21st March 2013 - heavy legs and facebook!

So far its been a mixed week, after finishing last week with a long ride, the ride to work on Monday was pretty hard work, the ride home was even harder!  I guess I'm still getting back into clocking up the regular miles again and conditioning the legs after a pretty relaxed winter, but damn my q

17th March 2013 - weekly recap

The end of another hectic, cold, wet, windy but fun week!

12th March 2013 - The outtakes!

We said they were on their way, so here they are! Just a few of the comedy gold moments from the many, many outtakes it took to create our first ever video blog, who knew it could be so difficult!! Really hoping we see some progress on this over the coming months!!

11th March 2013 - Our first video blog!!

Here it is!! Don't really need to type too much since it's all in the video, very exciting although we look a little serious and don't worry the out takes are on their way!!