10th March 2013 - Reebok Realflex

Check out these bad boys!  Some very technical looking running trainers, kindly donated (thanks Bea!) the soles are made up of loads of ridges specially positioned to provide comfort and spring when running.  Had to check them out this morning, surprisingly comfortable for the first outing, somet

2nd March 2013

A return to blogging!!
After a great winter of training, setting a few small goals down the gym, spending a fair amount of time working on my swimming technique it's time to start the blogging again and spring back into action (spring - get it! Oh dear...).

27th August

It's been a while since the last update!! What's happened? Pretty much most things, Ironman, Como Int14's, Garda RS800's, followed by non-stop Olympic addiction and rounded off with a holiday to Rock including Shrimper sailing. I'll expand at some point, this is my reminder!

16th June

Last long run before D-Day!

13th June

Back to the old routine again, seem to have been all over the place with work so much it's actually a pleasure to get back on the bike and cycle to work again!  Did the normal route upto Winch and then a run on the back of it at home.  Didn't feel great for the run but I think it was a little soo