11th June

Off to Bath for work meetings, met Amy Williams which was really cool to hear her story. Then managed  to go for an hour run before dinner was served, a very. Wet muddy run through the bath country side, few big slippery hills, lots of fun.

3rd June

Long run day!

2nd June

Supposed to be a rest day after a hectic week but actually ended up going down the gym but only for a gentle run and some light gym stuff followed by a swim with the kids.
Run 5k in 30 mins, chin ups, stretching... Swim with kids.

31st May

Normal cycle to Winch and back and then put a 30 min run on the end, again must admit the stomach didn't feel too great later in the evening, don't think it's totally recovered from Tuesday.  Although the run itself wasn't too bad, didn't actually want to push the distance too much, I'd prefer to

28th May

Back to cycling to Winch and still nice weather, happy days.  Cycled all the way home and although we were supposed to be taking it easy it was still a PB time for Paul on his hybrid!  I didn't actually feel that strong, and I then tried to go for a run when I got back and had to give up after 15