Weekly Update 30th - 6th May

Heavy legs at the start of the week again!  Really busy week work wise, mainly working on the new Emily B website (coming soon!), but still not too bad a week.  I'm thinking I might start splitting out the blogs more so the taxonomy works better...

Weekly Update 23rd - 29th April

Heavy legs after the end of last week!

Weekly Update 16th - 22nd April

Slightly broken up week with so many courses I have to attend for work but really pleased that I still managed to fit so much in and some more concentration on my running, what with the London Marathon on the Sunday it was inspiring to hear about it and bought back all the memories of the amount

Weekly update: 9th - 15th April

I've introduced some leg strengthening exercises to the programme now, after finding a tape measure I decided to check the difference in my quad sizes only to find that my left leg is 2.5cm bigger :( a lasting result of the ACL replacement I had on the right knee so I've decided to try and do som

Weekly update: 2nd - 8th April

This week was all about cycling to Rock (~190 miles), or it was supposed to be if it hadn't have been 3 degrees!!  I'm ashamed to say that after 4.5 hours of not being able to feel my feet I quit and got a lift the rest of the way, really annoyed...  but it took many hours in the car to thaw out,