Weekly update: 2nd - 8th April

This week was all about cycling to Rock (~190 miles), or it was supposed to be if it hadn't have been 3 degrees!!  I'm ashamed to say that after 4.5 hours of not being able to feel my feet I quit and got a lift the rest of the way, really annoyed...  but it took many hours in the car to thaw out,


Weekly update: 26th - 1st April

Trying to rest towards the end of this week ready for Cornwall next week and my aim of cycling there! However we happened to be at Sandy Balls on the Sunday so it seemed silly not to run the start/finish of the run course!  Which is basically going to hurt!

New Forest recce

Weekly update: 19th - 25th March

This week has mainly been about cycling and a fair amount of walking to build on my lead in the fitbug challenge!  This week the weather has been lovely so its been a great opportunity to increase the distance, unfortunately it's still very very cold in the mornings so the ride to Basingstoke on

Weekly update: 12th - 18th March

Really good weekend, especially pleased with the half marathon run at a steady pace, been a long time since I've run that far and it felt good, I could have carried on.  Then a very cold cycle on Sunday with legs feeling surprisingly good and this was great preperation for Emily's 5th Birthday pa

Weekly update: 5th - 11th March

A pretty big start to the week, starting to feel better from illness and a relaxing holiday, also had to put in a massive effort to get me to the top of the work fitbug challenge!  The weekend was slow with Birthday parties, Emily is now 5!!  Didn't do much swimming but having just spent a week a