15th June

Cycle to Winch, using the tri-bars as much as possible to get use to them, it was pretty breezy on the way home but still managed some pretty quick averages and the bars do seem to increase the speed slightly.
Cycle 40 miles.

13th June

Back to the old routine again, seem to have been all over the place with work so much it's actually a pleasure to get back on the bike and cycle to work again!  Did the normal route upto Winch and then a run on the back of it at home.  Didn't feel great for the run but I think it was a little soo

4/5th June

Bank holiday days :) Weston open in the 14... Pretty fresh couple of days of sailing, lots of fun swimming and hard work.
Summary: Sailing, pretty physical all over workout. Also put the tribars on and went for a 30 min cycle on the Monday.

1st June

Another morning swim session on the way to work.
Cycle 40miles, swim 40 lengths.

31st May

Normal cycle to Winch and back and then put a 30 min run on the end, again must admit the stomach didn't feel too great later in the evening, don't think it's totally recovered from Tuesday.  Although the run itself wasn't too bad, didn't actually want to push the distance too much, I'd prefer to